ZetaClear Vs Other OTC Toenail Fungus Treatments

Today millions of us are suffering, mostly in silence, from some degree of unsightly toenail fungus, a stubborn condition knowing no boundaries and affecting people of all ages in all walks of life. Although toenail fungus is rather benign in terms of its effects on our health, it can be quite embarrassing not to mention painful if left untreated. Obviously the sooner toe nail fungus is treated the sooner symptoms will be relieved, which is why many of us are actively looking for a safe way to get rid of the infection as soon as possible.

But, trying to make sense of all the different treatments and products available with names like FungiCure, Miracle Toes, and ZetaClear is almost as annoying as the condition itself, so how can you know which option will be the best course of action for you?

Why Use an OTC Toenail Fungus Treatment?

Over the counter (OTC) treatments for conditions such as toenail fungus are gaining in popularity for a few different reasons, with the first being the great disappointment coming from the myriad of home remedies used for curing fungus. Home remedies, while seemingly convenient and inexpensive at first, are overwhelmingly ineffective, time consuming, and ultimately costly.

Secondly, prescription drugs, another alternative for treating the bacteria responsible for causing toe nail fungus, are not only cost prohibitive for many people even with health insurance, but the drugs must be taken for months at a time while causing a host of side effects including heart and liver problems. Also, prescription drugs do not offer a guarantee for curing toenail fungus as many people report seeing no improvement in their condition but still suffer from side effects.

Because of these startling facts, there are plenty of OTC treatments to choose from for curing nail fungus. ZetaClear is one such product marketed toward sufferers of toe nail fungus that claims to have the ability to kill the bacteria responsible for infections using a blend of natural ingredients. But, how does it measure up against the shelves full of other products claiming the exact same thing?

Comparing Over the Counter Toenail Fungus Treatments

As is the case with most products, some are naturally safer and more effective than others, not to mention the variances in price. So, when it comes to finding an OTC toe nail fungus treatment that will not cause side effects and still be successful at eradicating the infection it is in your best Fungus Clear interest to research all of your options thoroughly.

Based on consumer tests and unbiased reviews, OTC topical products such as Curanail Nail Lacquer, Nail Fungus No More, and OPI Fungus Fix were found to be ineffective in treating nail fungus nearly half of the time with some of them causing side effects such as allergic skin reactions. Also, the prices of these products are not nearly as cost effective as others on the market such as Funginix and Zeta Clear based on both initial price and the sheer length of time the product is needed before any results are seen.

Fungus Rx is yet another topical treatment for toenail fungus and while it may be safe and cause no side effects; this mild OTC product isn’t very potent or effective in fighting fungus.

The ZetaClear Toenail Fungus Treatment

The ZetaClear toenail fungus treatment is a rather unique two part approach including a topical solution that should be applied directly to the affected nails along with a homeopathic spray administered orally under the tongue for the purpose of stimulating the body’s own immune system. This powerful combination of all natural and homeopathic, antifungal ingredients including almond, clove, lemongrass, and jojoba oils has shown a proven effect on the bacteria responsible for toe fungus.

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