What Is Mobile Trader Having to Offer New Investors?

The RoboMarkets R Mobile Trader platform is now available through the internet to trade an MS4 account, and comes with the following additional features:

R Mobile Trader

One-touch navigation. This online trading platform offers users a “one-touch” browsing capability to access the market. It also offers custom mobile trading features that include importing/exporting MetaTrader accounts and customizing the appearance and behavior of the “robots” used by brokers. Additionally, it allows users to create their own robots with custom characteristics and behaviors.

Online reporting. As an independent software application, the RoboTrader R Mobile Trader has a wide range of analytical and visual capabilities that allow users to view live markets covering fire, equity, commodity, and fixed-income instruments such as treasury bills, mutual funds, etc. Furthermore, brokers can view real time quotes for various trading accounts. The platform’s advanced filtering and ranking capabilities make it ideal for brokers who need accurate quotes on a timely basis. The broker provides these reports for the individual trader as well as for the entire market aktien app.

Self-trading capabilities. This online trading platform offers a fully customizable user interface for both US and non-US markets covering forex, equities, commodities, fixed income, and equities. The broker provides a flexible trading strategy that meets individual investor’s needs. It uses the most accurate indexes available to provide the best signals for its customers. Moreover, it offers an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for investors to manage their trading accounts, with features such as charts, graphs, and alerts that automatically notify the trader of changing market conditions.

High level of security measures. The Mobile Trader is designed to ensure that only accredited dealers handle customer funds, thereby ensuring maximum security for both clients’ data and funds. The platform’s extensive data security features and strict compliance to applicable security standards to ensure the trader’s data is kept safe at all times. It also offers users a full money-back guarantee for six months from the date of purchase.

Additional trading features. The Mobile Trader offers additional trading features that make it more useful for both new and seasoned investors. These features include: fast trade execution using real time quotes; multiple order types including limit, market, and limit order; unlimited number of slippage; low spreads; unlimited tick size; and integrated viewer of historical quotes. It also provides the ability to view multiple versions of the current market’s most active pairs and easily move between them using the drag and drop feature.

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