Top 10 List of the Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Looking for 10 top hotels in the world providing the most luxurious stay? Well, your search ends here. Find below the list of the most expensive hotels on this earth where you can spend your dreamy vacation:

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• President Wilson Hotel, Geneva: When it comes to the most lavish and expensive hotel suites on the earth, the President Wilson Hotel always tops the list 美化家居. You need to spend around 53,000 dollars for relishing a stay in this dreamy place having exclusively designed and decorated bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and cocktail lounge.

• Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas: The Palms Casino Resort, situated in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, is placed at the 2nd position in the list of top 10 most luxurious hotels in the world. Awesome infrastructure and great services of the resort make it a wonderful luxurious destination, and you would simply love to spend 40,000 bucks for spending a night here.

• Westin Excelsior Hotel, Rome: The third most luxurious hotel in the world is the Westin Excelsior Hotel, located in Rome. If you are ready to spend 25,000 dollars a day, you can surely expect to experience the finest services.

• Palms Hotel, Las Vegas: Being one of the wealthiest hotels across the globe. The Palm Hotel Luxury provides certain exclusive facilities that you would love to enjoy. If you spend one night here, you would be charged around 25,000 dollars.

• Plaza Hotel, New York: It is one of the top hotels in the world offering the best possible services to its guests. If you want to get the finest accommodation, high-quality foods, and all modern amenities here, then get ready for expending 20,000 dollars per day.

• Martinez Hotel, Cannes: The Martinez hotel, located nearby the Bay of Cannes, is the 6th priciest hotels worldwide. The place boasts of its wonderful architecture as well as art works, and it’s truly worth spending 18,000 dollars per night for staying here.

• Ritz Paris Hotel, Paris: While preparing the list of top 10 most expensive hotels around the globe, we can’t leave the superbly decorated Ritz Paris Hotel out of it. Enjoy first-rate services at this lush hotel by splurging 17,500 dollars each day.

• Burj-AL-Arab Hotel, Dubai: If you have a keen interest in spending a couple of days in one of the most expensive hotels in the world having splendid structural design, you should go for the Burj-AL-Arab. It is the 4th tallest hotel in the whole world and one can enjoy staying here at 15,000 dollars per day.

• Lanesborough Hotel, London: Though there are plenty of hotels offering grand royal experience in the city of London, none of them can be compared with the 5-star Lanesborough Hotel. To take pleasure in its graceful furniture, striking room interiors and excellent amenities, you have to pay at least 14,500 dollars for each night.

• Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong: Placed at the 10th position in the list, the Peninsula Hotel of Hong Kong is another priciest hotel in the entire world. If you spend an amount of 5,000 dollars each night, you can stay in this amazing 30 story building and enjoy the arresting view of the world-known Victoria Harbor as well as the Hong Kong Island.

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Singapore – It is an all-encompassing culture that makes Singapore the friendly tourist destination every traveler loves. While you are there, you wouldn’t want to miss out on shopping whether it is on the Orchard Road with myriads of shops or the bustling mega malls and outlets such as Marina Square. If you love exploring local riches, Haji Lane in Singapore is the place to be bringing back the days of yore. If bargaining is your style, Bugis Village, the shopping bazaars for great local deals will entice and enthrall you with its hustle and bustle.

Hong Kong – There are some travelers to Hong Kong who are on just one mission – shop. If Asia were a city, Hong Kong would be its mega mall, where you will find every lifestyle item you have ever thought of. Electronics and watches, jewelry and art – you name it, Hong Kong has it. When you are tired of shopping, enjoy a ride across the waterways or a stroll at one of the art galleries. The nightlife is equally buzzing with innumerable outlets and discotheques. If buzz is what you seek, The Sino Centre will be the place of your choice.

Shanghai – China is the next superpower and is evolving at a rapid rate. You only have to visit Shanghai to see this for yourself. Whether it is the Fakes Market with its stalls or Plaza 66 on the other end of the spectrum, Shanghai is undoubtedly one of the shopping epicenters of Asia. Visit the Fabric Market to find designer styling at budget prices. Shanghai is also famous for its Bridal Market, where rich men go out looking for the right bride being advertised by parents. It is an interesting and strange locale and one of the very few of its kind in the world. With the cheapest online air tickets to China, you may be able to save enough for your shopping expeditions.

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