The Classified Ad Connection

There’s nothing more powerful than being there when a potential customer is specifically searching for your product or service. Online classified websites such as Craigslist and Backpage are extremely popular. Millions of consumers frequent these sites every day looking for products and services that they plan on purchasing soon. Therefore, your business should post ads there to get in front of your potential customers. If not, it’s like letting profits slip right through your fingertips backpage alternatives websites.

Simply put… classified ads are effective and very low-cost… a winning combination.

Classified advertising also allows you to get in front of LOCAL prospects. When looking for local products and services, consumers tend to flock to classified sites as well. Most classified sites are broken down by geographical area, making it simple for consumers to find what they need in the area they specify. Although most classified advertising websites are free, it does take some skill to create ads that convert as well as ads that show up in the search engines for your profitable keywords.

Most classified sites have the typical sections such as real estate, jobs, and household items. However, they also have sections for business services – which is where most local business owners place their ads. Because people visit classified ad sites looking for service and product providers, they usually convert higher than traditional advertising methods. They are extremely cost-effective and allow you to reach a targeted audience as well as a world-wide audience.

Classified ads are also extremely important when it comes to SEO. Just like your website can come up in the search engines when people search for your type of service, so can your classified ad. Not only that, but putting your website link in your classified ad provides a very strong backlink to your website, which in turn helps it rank higher over time.

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