The Best Things to Do in Vietnam

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian nation best known for its beautiful beaches, rivers, dense cities and historic pagodas. Hanoi, the largest city, pays tribute to the most iconic communist-era leader, Ho Chi Minh. Ho’s tomb is located in Hanoi’s Old Town. The city is also home to numerous skyscrapers that are a result of the massive construction effort that took place during the time of Ho’s leadership. The Củ Chi Trư National Museum is Vietnam’s largest museum. The Củ Chi Trư National Museum houses a number of important collections including ancient paintings and sculptures, fabrics, and ceramics, as well as numerous antiques.

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One of the most popular activities to do while in Vietnam is to visit the many busy cities. While in Hanoi it is possible to take in the historical and modern attractions of the city, or stay at one of the many vibrant bars, cafes, and restaurants. For those who wish to travel on the weekends, Ho Chi Minh’s busy streets are a great place to spend an evening, enjoying the beautiful Vietnamese nightlife. The Vietnam travel guide will show you the best way to get in touch with the city’s youthful and active nightlife.

Just north of Hanoi is another large city, Vientiane. Vientiane is home to a number of historic buildings and museums, as well as the very popular Golden Market, an open air market that features locally produced goods in all shapes and sizes One of the most famous markets in Vietnam, however, is the wide selection of seafood that is sold every Saturday morning on Trung Nguyen, or street in front of the old Chinese temple. The Vietnam travel guide will tell you which seafood is the best and where to find it.

Hanoi’s old quarter is packed with hidden treasures and is filled with fascinating sights and sounds. Walking through the narrow, confusing streets of Hanoi’s old quarter can be exciting, but dangerous, particularly if you’re traveling alone. A great Vietnam travel guide will help you navigate the busy, confusing, and sometimes dangerous old quarter. On the safer side of things, Vientiane offers inexpensive accommodations and restaurants, as well as a plethora of options for nightlife, shopping, and eating.

If traveling outside of Hanoi is somewhat too much for your budget, a Vietnam travel guide can help to make it all possible. Because Vietnam offers such a large selection of destinations, it’s easy to plan an affordable trip based on where you want to go. For example, if you’d like to visit Hanoi’s ancient ruins and ancient buildings, you’ll find plenty of information on the internet to help you plan your trip. Likewise, if visiting Ho Chi Minh City is more your style, you can find information on visa requirements and the best way to get from the city to the international airport.

Whether you like history, music, food, or both, there are a lot of unique and interesting things to do while you’re in Vietnam. A Vietnam travel guide is your key to making the most of your time there. It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit, because there are always things to do. In addition to the best things to do in Vietnam, taking a trip on a boat ride along the beautiful East River is also an experience anyone would be hard-pressed to forget.

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