Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphire engagement rings have come to be one of the most popular choices for couples looking for an alternative to diamonds but who want a durable gem. Sapphires are a beautiful and unique choice for a ring, and while blue shades are the most common, sapphires naturally occur in an array of colours.

5 Celebrity Sapphire Engagement Rings You Can Own!

Like rubies, sapphires are a form of the mineral called corundum, with the only difference being colour. Rubies are red corundum, while sapphires span the rest of the colour spectrum, including blue, purple, pink, orange, green and yellow. The stone’s colour can also vary immensely depending on the light, sometimes making it very difficult to determine the best colour for one’s purchase. Currently mined in Australia sapphire engagement ring, China, Kenya, India, Madagascar, Tanzania and parts of the US, sapphires are rarer, but generally less expensive than diamonds.

The Deeper Meaning of Sapphires

The sapphire symbolises truth, blessings, purity and knowledge, all of which are important aspects for a relationship with a possible spouse-to-be. Also a symbol of a relationship based on faithfulness and sincerity, proposing with a sapphire engagement ring is the perfect way to begin the rest of your life with someone. In fact, some royalty and high priests wear sapphire rings to symbolise their blessings as divine holders of knowledge and truth. Also a birthstone, the gem holds extra importance to those born in the month of September.

Processing Sapphires

It is unusual to find a sapphire engagement ring that has not had its stone enhanced in some way. A sapphire is enhanced to improve the purity of its colour, but sometimes the treatment can affect the value of the gemstone and its stability for use in a ring. The most common treatment of sapphires involves heating the stone, which has an excellent stability rating and improves both colour and overall appearance. After this treatment, a sapphire engagement ring typically will require no additional special care for the rest of its lifetime, and its price is rarely affected.

There are several other treatments that the gemstone can undergo before being used in a sapphire engagement ring, but each is more controversial than heating. These enhancements include surface diffusion, which is not a common practice but has a good stability rating; irradiation enhancement, which is used for yellow or orange sapphires with very poor stability results, or a beryllium treatment that brightens yellow or orange colours. This process is highly controversial because not all stones are correctly labelled after this treatment.

Overall, sapphires are an incredibly durable stone that can become an amazing engagement ring, requiring very little maintenance after reliable heat treatment. Sapphire engagement rings are a perfect choice for couples looking away from the classic diamond, yet who still want a beautiful, elegant and unique ring to call their own.

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