Rendezvous With Home Laser Hair Removal Products

What is laser hair removal?

Removing hair by laser is not invented just now, in fact this technique was experimentally done during 1970s but commercially it became available in 1990s.

Since then it has been really a wonderful journey for this techniques, where we got to know about the various issues and effectiveness of the laser treatment.

Today this technique is widely practiced and its efficacy is now even published in the dermatology literature.

This technique primarily works on the principle of selective photothermolysis. They damage the hair from the root by heating the dark matter i.e. melanin in the target area of hair follicle.

Laser beam passes through the skin and reaches the hair follicle where it gets absorbed. The energy from the laser beam gets converted in to the heat and damages the hair follicle from the root without damaging the surrounding skin.

Skin suitability for laser hair removal

Though laser technique is very popular and used by many when it comes to remove unwanted hair, but just like the restrictions which are attached to other techniques this one too can’t be applied to all the skin types.

The choice of laser treatment depends on the combo of skin 皮秒激光 type and hair color. Laser hair treatment is considered perfect for dark hair and light skin combo. If dark skin people try out this method then there are chances that they may get blisters or patches on their skin.

But today with the continuous advancements in the techniques, new laser can also treat the dark hair and dark skin combo.

Red, light blonde, grey or white hairs are difficult to treat with laser hair removal. The lighter grown hair color people require more sittings for the laser treatment.

Why do men and women prefer hair removal treatment by laser?

If you’ll ask any men or women, it’s obvious that they would prefer permanent hair removal. The reason is plain and simple as after that they won’t have to think about removing unwanted hair regularly.

Before the laser beams permanent removal of hair was done by electrolysis. Though it gave permanent results but the whole procedure of hair removal was very cumbersome and time consuming. The reason behind this was in electrolysis every hair was treated individually, as a result you have to devote a larger amount of time in that.

With the introduction of laser beams the target area increased i.e. now more hairs can be removed at a particular point of time. The method of electrolysis was painful too, so people took a sigh of relief when they were introduced to laser beams.

Rio laser hair removal – At home

The only drawback which was attached with laser hair removal was the number of sittings in the salon. As you know that not all of our body hairs are visible at a point of time as a result you need to visit the salon quite a time to get it done perfectly.

But technology advances every day and we get introduced to new and fantastic inventions. Rio scanning laser is one such product which is a wonderful result of human brain. This helps you to get the permanent removal of unwanted hair in the comfort of your home.

At present there are 2 versions of Rio scanning laser. One of which removes 20 hairs in a second where as the other Rio scanning laser X 60 removes 60 hairs in a second. So you can see that they are much faster than the electrolysis method.

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