Pave Diamond Rings – More Bling For Your Buck

So you are looking for some new bling for your ring finger or fingers. Stressing about the cash it would cost to blitz out that hand in some ice rocks? Well Pave Diamond rings may well just be what you are looking for. What makes pave diamond rings stretch your bucks when you are trying to get that oh so desirable bling effect is the diamonds that are used. Pave rings are totally encrusted over with small diamonds along the entire rings band. This gives the appearance of course as a solid diamond surface. These tiny diamonds reflect a 求婚戒指款式 lot of light, surrounding a center diamond in most cases.

Pave is pronounced “Pah-vay” by the way. When a such a ring has diamonds which go around the entire band, this is called a full pave. Other styles include a half pave, which is by far the most common of any pave ring. One can go a full pave diamond ring without breaking the bank. It is said a full pave diamond ring is pretty stunning, and myself I would have to agree there, as the light catch’s the diamonds at any angle. The myriad multitude of diamonds along the band may seem more expensive than it really would be. This is because of course that the smaller diamonds used to create the ring are small. Bigger diamonds cost more, smaller diamonds do not, thus you get way more bling for your buck with a pave diamond ring.

Another option to stretch that all mighty dollar even further would be any of the micro pave rings on the market today. These as the name would imply, are encrusted with intricate diamonds of a smaller size then a traditional pave ring. These diamonds when set by a jeweler, appear to blend into one, which creates a rather brilliant effect. The diamonds surrounding a center diamond in this kind of ring really make an excellent backdrop for the main diamond in the ring.

Another nice aspect of a pave ring is that it can be uni-sex. The resale factor should you ever decide you have outgrown your ring is much better, as many pave diamond rings can be worn by either sex, depending on what you buy. Granted many pave diamond rings are shaped for either a male or a female, but a good many could be uni-sex, if you shop carefully.

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