Open House Checklist

A successful open house is easy to prepare for with this handy checklist:

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1. De-clutter

A cluttered home is a turn off to potential buyers. De-cluttering makes your home look much more spacious.
Think of it as every box you pack and remove from your property is worth a hundred dollars more in your pocket when selling.

2. Clean it Up

Not just everyday cleaning such as vacuuming, sweeping dusting and cleaning out the bathtubs is enough for a beautiful showing. Steam clean carpets, vacuum upholstery, dry clean the draperies, clean often neglected areas such as on top of the fridge, cabinet interiors, oven and cobwebs in corners and basements. If this is a daunting task it may be worthwhile to employ the services of a maid service flat roofs toronto.

3. Repairs

Make a list of all repairs made to the home such as new electrical wiring, new roof, new furnace etc. You may want to consider having a pre listing home inspection done to ease potential buyers minds about your home. This home inspection will show you any potential issues that may be deal breakers when you do get an offer. If the inspection shows that everything is good then its also a good selling feature when listing your home. You can leave a copy of the report on your table for potential buyers to see.

4. Revive Imperfections.

A fresh coat of paint or stain will freshen up any room and eliminate scuffs scratches and stains. Finish all home improvement projects as incomplete work will deter buyers.

5. Curb Appeal

Make sure lawn is cut, driveway is sealed or if in the winter clear all walkways of snow and ice. Clean out overflowing gutters and make sure landscaping is neat and trimmed. Flowers and shrubs add value to your home and you may want to invest in a few to spruce up the outside decor.

6. Scent.

Ask your realtor to help you identify odours such as pets, smoking, laundry, mold and mildew, cooking smells and garbage. Do not cover these smells with air fresheners, address the problem and eliminate them.

7. Remove Valuables

Before allowing strangers in your home stash all valuables in a safe place. Things such as jewelery, cameras, identification, wallets, etc should be locked away. Make sure your home owners insurance policy is up to date and remove fragile items out of harms way.

8. Work Area

Prepare an area for your agent to display sell sheets and business cards and have a place for other agents to drop off their cards and information.

9. Refreshments

Some open house have beverages and snacks available and this could be discussed with your realtor. Coffee and pastries are an easy offering to visitors but if you have carpeting, you may limit the coffee until people are finished viewing the property and on their way out.

10. Property Photos

If your home is for sale in the winter months it is a good idea to have a few photos in an album or on display for potential buyers to see the property in the spring and summer months. Pictures featuring gardens in full bloom or the pool open and inviting are great sales tools.

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