Information About The Smoking Ban In The UK

Millions and millions of people all across the world smoke cigarettes for one reason or another. They are highly addictive and extremely dangerous to one´s health. Yet with all the known negative effects, cigarettes are one of the most bought products in the market today. This is a terrible thing for non-smokers because second hand smoke can be just as deadly as smoking the cigarettes themselves. This is why many states and countries have banned smoking cigarettes in public places to help safeguard civilians who don´t smoke. The latest place to ban smoking in public places is in the United Kingdom.

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In July of 2007, England banned smoking in public places with the “Smoke Free England” campaign. Second hand smoke causes numerous diseases such as heart disease, lung cancer, and SIDS best smoke spots dust 2. It really is unfair to those nonsmokers who are trying to stay safe from the effects of cigarettes when people smoke around them. This campaign is driven by the Health Department to keep these innocent people safe. While the campaign is being enforced, many businesses and public places are being slightly affected by this new ban.

For those people that smoke, it is a luxury to be able to go to a restaurant and smoke while enjoying a meal. This is no longer allowed in open spaces. Businesses such as restaurant, bars, and cafe´s are losing business because the people that use to come to these places who smoke no longer come how much does lizzo weigh. This in turn leads to loss of productivity as far as annual revenue. These businesses who are losing money right now will rebound though. With the ban of smoking in these locations, more non smokers are beginning to fill these spots, thus making up for the people who use to come that smoked.

All is not lost for people who smoke cigarettes however. There are still designated areas where people can smoke while still being in public. The Health Department has set up what is called smoking shelters where people are allowed to smoke. Many of these areas are set up with chairs and tables. Although many businesses will be able to recover from the “Smoke Free England” campaign, many UK businesses are not. This is why the Health Department set up the designated smoking areas to help businesses who lost a substantial amount of business. For companies who were badly affected by the ban, they are able to attach these smoking shelters in order to keep some of their regular customers.

There are a few different types of shelters a business owner can choose from to accommodate their customers. The most popular designated smoking spot would be the “Free Standing Smoking Shelter.” This is usually a spot connected to the place of business, where five to seven people can comfortably enjoy a cigarette. Another type of shelter is the economical friendly “Wall Mounted Smoking Shelter.” This is basically a makeshift barrier between the business and the smoking area. The only requirement for this is that no more than fifty percent of the smoke infiltrates the company. Lastly there are smoking shelters that can be custom built. For example, a business owner can build an entire separate room with tables and chairs so customers can conveniently smoke. Regardless of what type of smoking shelter it is, the shelter itself can help a business retain their customers.

The United Kingdom is again the latest place to enforce this ban on smoking in public places. The public places that are the most effected by this is restaurant and bars. For those people who used to enjoy going out to the bar and smoking and having a good time can no longer do this. This ban is set to help improve people´s safety. Many people are considered social smokers, so with this “Smoke Free England ” campaign, the Health Department is hoping that some of these casual smokers will quit altogether. With less people that smoke, the fewer amount of people that will be affected by this ban. This in turn leads to businesses being less affected as well. The whole idea of this smoke free concept is to detour people away from the deadly addiction and help protect those from the people that just can´t quit.

Smoking cigarettes and second hand smoke is one of the biggest causes of people´s death every year. The worst part about them is what is called “Nicotine.” Nicotine is super addictive and very deadly. When an individual smokes a lot, their body develops a dependency to this said substance, which becomes harder to break overtime. This it turn leads to a countless list of medical dangers that can eventually lead to one´s demise. The same can be said with second hand smoke. After inhaling enough of it overtime, one can be so badly damaged by it, a whole crop of disease can pop up leading to an untimely death. The smoke free ban is being enforced to reduce this occurrence.

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