How to convince Anyone With Your Persuasive Essay

There are many conspiracy theories that circulate online, including the possibility of aliens living in Area 51, and the possibility that the Queen is a lizard. The videos can be convincing. This is because these people use special techniques and evidence manipulation to convince you that their insane ideas are valid. This is persuasive writing in a nutshell.

This article will guide you on how to craft a persuasive essay We will discuss topic ideas and develop an outline with arguments for convincing readers. For persuasive essay examples, be sure to stay for the end. You can download them and use them for your reference.
What is persuasive writing?

Persuasive Writing is a well-known writing technique that students are taught in school. This type of writing is both entertaining and informative. It seeks to generate debate on a specific topic. This writing technique challenges students. They must take a clear position on a subject or cause and then convince readers with convincing arguments.

What exactly is a persuasive argument? According to the definition of persuasive essays, they are academic writing tasks that are often assigned to students from schools, colleges, or universities. Their main purpose is persuading readers that a particular point is correct.

When writing persuasive essays, students should conduct extensive research about the topic, analyze it, then formulate a strong argumentative position. Next, the student should use logical arguments to convince the reader that their viewpoint is correct.
What makes persuasive writing so important

It is a common assignment in colleges or schools to write persuasive papers. This is because it keeps students more involved in class work. The writing of this type of assignment also helps to develop research, critical thinking and the ability form evidence-based decisions.
Argumentative vs Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay can also be called an argumentative one. This can make it appear that all these types are one and the same, which can lead to confusion. However, there are two types of writing: persuasive and argumentative.

Both writing techniques serve the same purpose. They both use logic and reasoning in order to convince readers. However persuasive papers rely on emotions, as well facts. Persuasive essays require convincing arguments and the ability to convey your views.

It might interest you to know what an argumentative essay looks like and how it is written.
Persuasive Essay Format

These are the fundamental requirements for persuasive writing:

Fonts – Times New Roman or another font that is easy to read, like Georgia and Arial
Font Size: 16pt to the headline and 12pt for all other text
Alignment: Justifiable
Spacing: Two times or more, and in some cases 1.5
Word count: The rule is between 500 and 2000 words. Your teacher will have the guidelines. To find out your word count, consult them.

How to Select One from the List of Subjects

The best topic for persuasive essays is one that includes contrasting views. Novel length essays can be written on topics as broad as gun control or abortion rights. These should be avoided unless the dissertation is being written.

If you’re a space enthusiast, this is what you would argue. It perfectly fits the description. This structure would be too detailed if each paragraph covered a different planet. Instead of arguing in favor building a base at the moon, why not reduce it? This will help you convince the audience that a moonbase is a good idea and also show them the potential benefits of space exploration at a larger scale.

So now you’ve convinced your reader about a small topic linked to a bigger one. This will provide them with plenty to think about, and allow them to dive deeper into the realm of space.
Keep These In Mind When You Choose a Topic

Persuasive essays must be based on your point-of-view. It is crucial to choose topics about which you have some knowledge or arguments. The most compelling persuasive essays of all time are based on real life experiences. They highlight important social problems that people often overlook. For example, Martin Luther King Jr.’s The Letter From Birmingham Jail or Hillary Clinton’s Women’s Rights are Human Rights.
Topics for Highschool

Space exploration can be tedious and slow, and it might make your stomach turn. Do not worry; there are lots of persuasive essay topics that can be written for high schools. Maybe you’ve already debated about some of them with your friends.

Schools should ban the use tablets in classrooms as it can distract students and make learning more difficult.
The Velvet Underground are the most influential American band of rock.
Why should advertisements be prohibited from social media?
The environment is growing so it should be outlawed to eat meat within the next five year.
Businessmen in positions where they have power historically was a bad idea.

College Topics

Things get more complicated when it comes to persuasive college essay topics. The best topics for essays are those that consider current life and address moral, ethical, and technological issues. Students have the potential to make a real difference in the world by their writing. The best topics for college are controversial persuasive essay topics. These prompt the writer into engaging in intellectual questions. Here are some illustrations:

Media targeted at teenagers promotes morally- and ethically-degrading messages.
Federal courtrooms are required to have live cameras capable of televising all trials.
Beauty contests are not to be encouraged.
Because of the abundance of information available online, college education should not be too expensive.
A prisoner rehabilitation program using music and arts.
Argument in favor Net Neutrality

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