Horse Rugs in Every Style

Horse rugs are basically coats for your horse. The comfort of your horse and protection against disease, insects, and weather are important factors towards maintaining good health. A horse rug is also known as a horse blanket. They keep the animal dry, warm, and protected. They fit on the body of the horse from chest to rump. There are straps that cross under the belly securing the rug but not impeding the mobility. The normal design has 2 straps that tie in the front, however there are some models where the front is closed entirely and the rug is pulled over the head. Other types have small straps looping around the back legs so that the rug does not slip out of place.

Rugs can be used at any time when your horse is stabled in its stall or being pastured. It is also appropriate when you are shipping your horse to another site. Your horse will stay warm and if you have chosen a waterproof rug then your horse will certainly keep dry. A rug is the perfect answer to hinder the development of a coat during the winter. A horse will grow this coat unless you use a rug in the following way. At the beginning of the autumn season cover your horse with a rug in a well-lit area for sixteen hours a day. This will hinder the growth of the coat. However, since winter is very cold and your horse now does not have any way of isolating itself from the cold, you must be sure to blanket the horse at all times in order to keep the chill away and to maintain a healthy, warm, and dry horse 건마.

Sometimes they say that the rug should be made with a very strong material. If the material is tough and strong then there may be problems such as the material is jammed or trapped on branches or between rocks. This could be a dangerous situation for the horse if the material does not rip. In this situation the horse could experience an accident and suffer an injury. The choice of rugs that you can purchase are many. There are a variety of weights that are perfect for different temperatures. A rug that is too dense could lead to the horse sweating causing discomfort. A light rug may not be ideal for weather that is too cold as it will not keep the horse warm enough.

Protecting your animal from flies and insects that can cause sickness is vital, so you should use a stable rug to achieve this. In addition this type of rug keeps the horse clean while it is stabled which again adds to good health. When the coat has been shortened the turnout rug is ideal. The fabric breathes and is resistant to water. You will have a horse that is dry and warm. In summer or during the long winter there are rugs available in different weights. The coat is also sensitive to sun and may bleach out so a turnout rug has many benefits in or out of the stable.

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