Herbal Treatments For Male Sexual Dysfunction

The two common sexual disorders that most men fear are Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Premature Ejaculation (PE). Erectile Dysfunction (also known as Impotence) is the general inability of a man to attain and maintain an erection in order to perform sexually while Premature Ejaculation is the ejaculation that occurs earlier than desired which can either be before, on, or soon after penetration leaving the couple feeling unsatisfied.

When it comes to the issue of Erectile Dysfunction, a series of factors are involved in developing an erection. Sexual arousal causes nerves in the brain and spine to signal arteries in the penis to swell up with blood. The spongy tissues in the penis expand and it becomes erect Ultimate maca. Any interference with this process, whether physical or psychological, can prevent an erection.

As men age, there are changes in erectile function. It may take longer to develop an erection and it may not be as rigid, and more direct stimulation may be required. Orgasm may become less intense and the volume of ejaculate reduced. The majority of cases of ED are caused by physical factors such as diabetes and nerve damage. It can also be caused by psychological issues, or the use of certain drugs. In most cases it is not caused by low sexual desire.

Meanwhile, for majority of men, holding the urge to ejaculate is difficult and sometimes impossible to control, thus ejaculation occurs relatively fast. If this occurs prior to the women achieving sexual satisfaction, then frustration can result. If this frustration continues, it is very like to damage a relationship.

Premature ejaculation is rarely a problem by itself, as it has several underlying possible causes and rarely is it caused by a physical or structural problem. Some of these causes may include by not limited to stress or other physical conditions, emotional or psychological factors and even poor health issues like high cholesterol.

The ejaculatory reflex running from the brain to the penis is very complex thus just focusing on the nerve endings itself as is the case with most PE treatments does not really solve the problem in a holistic manner and have generally failed in solving the control of ejaculation. Ejaculation is more much concerned with the mind than with the penis only because if the mind is under control, the man will be in a better position to control his natural urge to ejaculate early.

From the foregone, there is now growing interest in alternative medication for the cure and treatment of both of these male sexual dysfunctions. The use of herbal medicine in the treatment of both ED and PE has thus received a very big boost in recent times owing to growing realisation of their effectiveness based on both historical records and some recent studies.

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