Garmin Etrex Venture HC GPS – Is it Only For Hunting, Fishing and Geocaching?

When I purchased my Etrex Venture HC handheld GPS from Garmin, I was excited that NOW I would be able to return to the hard water fishing hot spots over and over again, with no problem. (“hard water” fishing is “Ice Fishing” to those not in the know).

The first Winter in use I was very pleased with the ease of returning to within a few feet of a favorite spot on a lake that was so big that the shore line was on the far horizon and no visible land marks present. I did use it a few times hiking at the local wildlife refugee during the warm season, but for the most part my etrex venture hc just sat on my shelve awaiting the next Winter journey. Then one day after reading about another passion of mine, “Wild Crafting” for profit, I hit upon some other uses for my Garmin Handheld.

Wild Harvesting.
Every Spring I take time off from work to pursue the “Queen” of the forest…the Morel mushroom. Not only do I enjoy eating these delectable fungi, but I also harvest and sell numerous pounds netting enough most years to pay my property taxes, and then some. Many ‘shroomers have secret spots that they return every year hunting for that seasonal haul and also they have individual ways to identify morel mushroom habitat kit good spots that the mushrooms might be growing. This is where I had an “Ah Ha” moment. In the Spring when the leafs are just sprouting, it gets difficult to navigate to your favorite spot deep in the forest to check for Morels. (I look for Dead and Dying Elm Trees)

What I did was use my extrex ventre hc to mark the locations of the Elms during the Summer the year before…they standout very easily against the green canopy of the forest…and when conditions were right the next Spring I literally walked right to them, using my handheld GPS,and reaped my reward.

This use of my Garmin Etrex saved me untold time in the woods looking for that “hot” spot that in previous years took much scanning the tree lines through all the leafs looking for that dead branch of the Elm. Using my handheld allowed me to go directly to previously marked sites and this time savings increased my income to one of the best years that I ever had. Needles to say it is with me constantly when I am hiking or exploring public land marking the next Springs Morel spots.

I also use my Garmin Venture to “mark” numerous other valuable commodities while in the woods: LEGAL wild herb beds, tree burls, Black Berry patches, Black Willow stands, Wild Grape vines, Gensing locations, and the many other harvest-able and profitable items from Nature.

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