Fantastic Phuket

Phuket is one of Thailand’s most popular destinations, and it’s not hard to see why. A beautiful environment that features tropical plant life accompanies the sandy beaches and clear ocean waters. The bustling town means you’re never far from food, drink, or a place to stay รับทำเว็บไซต์ภูเก็ต, and its easy to find some fantastic sights too. Once you’ve visited this place, you’ll want to go back time and again.

From Bangkok to Phuket: 3 Best Ways to Get There | PlanetWare

Getting to Phuket isn’t hard. It can be reached by car or plane. Taxis are available that can take you anywhere you like pretty cheaply. However, the drive from Bangkok to Phuket is about 8 or 9 hours given that it is almost 900 kilometers away. If this seems too much for you then it’s possible to take a cheap internal flight to reach Phuket. These regular services allow travel from Bangkok to Phuket in just one and a half hours, much better if you don’t want to endure hours and hours of travel in the heat of Thailand.

Whilst Phuket airport is somewhat distant from the beaches and hotels of Phuket it is easy to find a taxi, limousine, or van outside of the airport which will take you to your destination very cheaply. Whilst many top hotels can be found along the beaches, it is also possible to experience homestay if you venture into the community areas of the city. Those who wish to stay in Phuket during the holiday season, or at festival time, are advised to book lodgings early to avoid disappointment however.

Some of the best spots in Phuket include the beautiful Paton, Karon and Kata beaches. With incredible beauty it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to visit one of these fantastic places whilst staying in Phuket. Beach activities are available, and the sea is safe to swim in. If you are feeling adventurous you can rent a surf board, and if you fancy a bit of exploring it is possible to travel from the beach by boat to several nearby islands including Phi Phi and Kai. With fantastic reefs full of a colorful assortment of fish diving is another brilliant experience you can have in this place.

The Thai nightlife is very famous, and Phuket’s nightlife is no exception. With an array of fantastic bars, clubs, and restaurants you’ll be busy from sunrise to sunset. Spend the day at the beach, then go out as it turns dark to sample some of the world-famous Thai cuisine full of rich flavours and bold spices. Afterwards enjoy a Singha beer or a cocktail at one of the local bars, or hit the clubs for a wild night of partying.

Another fantastic experience waiting for you in Phuket is the most famous sunset-spot in the whole of Thailand – sunset at Laem Prom THep. The sunset here is absolutely incredible, and no trip to Phuket would be truly complete without witnessing it. Finally, Phuket city is home to a number of ancient structures where you can get a taste for the history that runs through the place.

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