Different Types of Massages

It is important to note that there are plenty of establishments that only offer traditional Thai massages so you should make sure you’re not in one of these places if you’re looking for a little extra.

Oil Massage

Oil massages are pretty popular in the city. These are your typical Thai massages only they are enhanced by hand and oral pleasure. A good thing to know is if you’re in a bar in Phuket and a girl offers you a quick oil massage, it probably has nothing to do with a massage, or oil.

The parlors that offer these services are typically not the most classy places. If you are looking for a private room, you probably won’t find one. What you will find more than likely is a room full of beds that are closed off by dividers or curtains so yes, the guy next to you will hear, but for less than 500 Baht, who cares 펄안마?

Soapy Massage

The most popular type of massages in Phuket are the soapy kind. These may or may not include water and suds because soapy technically refers to the body movement involved between you and your masseuse.

When you walk into a spa providing soapy massages, you will pretty much know. There will be a glass wall with a line of girls sitting behind that wear a number on their clothing. These places are usually dim and inviting and a manager will eagerly help you make the right decision. They can tell you information about each girl, what they specialize in, experience level, etc.

When you decide on a girl, the two of you will go to a private room with a mattress on the floor. Those that actually use water will have rubber mattresses. These usually cost between 1,600 Baht to 2,500 Baht.

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