Creating an Online Business 101 – Pt 5 – What Keywords People Are Searching For

Now that you have a website and you know how to put content (advertising) out on the web, how do you find out what people are searching for? When creating an online business it is very important to know what your customer wants BEFORE you start randomly advertising for your business. This online business 101 article goes over how to find out exactly what your customers are searching for so you can optimize your content.

Why Are Keywords So Important 분당스웨디시

First of all, keywords are simply the phrases people enter into a search engine like Google or yahoo when they want to find something. For example, if a person wants to find a place to get massages they would enter a search term (keyword) like “where to get a massage” or “best massage to relieve neck tension”. If you know that these are the terms people are searching for you can now post content (videos / articles) that are relevant to these search terms. If a person comes across your article or video in the search results and finds it interesting, they click on it and can be eventually lead to your website from that article or video.

How Do You Find Out Keywords People Are Using

This process is probably the most important part of your online businesses campaign, finding what keywords people are using. There are plenty of choices when it comes to what “keyword tool” to use. A keyword tool is what you use to find out what searches people are doing. You can choose one you like by searching for “keyword tool” in Google or yahoo.

I like to use “Google AdWords” to do my keyword research. It is free and it is the database used by Google to keep track of all the searches done on Google. It will show you how many people search for every specific term you want to do research on. It will not only show you how many people are using that search term (keyword), but will also show you other similar search terms people are using that you may be interested in and how much competition there is on each keyword. You can find AdWords by going to and clicking on the “opportunity” tab at the top of the page. On the opportunity page there should be a link in the bottom left side of the page that says “keyword tool”.

How To Use The Keyword Tool

Once the keyword tool page is open you have the option of putting in a keyword phrase you want to see if people are searching for. So for example, you enter “how to build muscle” because you have a health supplement or book that helps build muscle. The page will then show you how many people are searching for that exact term and how many people are searching with other similar terms like “how to get built” or “how to get strong”. These are all terms you can choose to use as part of your campaign and enter them into your articles and videos. Depending on what authority site you are using there is usually a section where they give you the option of putting in the keywords you want to use. By using the right keywords and by putting out quality content your article or video can be found when people use the same keywords used in your campaign.

Using these online methods is called “attraction marketing” and can attract new targeted leads and customers to your online business on a daily basis which of course increases sales and profits. The next article will go even more into using attraction marketing and keywords to build your business quickly.

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