10 Blackjack Tips

Blackjack is a pretty straightforward game-try to get 21 without going over. But despite how simple it is there is always a few things to keep in mind when you sit down at a table or play online.

  1. Always play using basic strategy. Even if you have to keep a chart handy, do so. This is the most effective way to lower the house’s edge and increase you chances of winning.
  2. Avoid playing at tables that offer a 6:5 payout. Just because 6 is more than 3 does not mean that the payout is better. A table that has a 6:5 has increased the house edge by 1.4%. You will also be paid less when you win. For example, say a player was at a $20 table BandarQ. Winning at a 3:2 blackjack table would have a payout of $30. If that same $20 table offered a payout of 6:5 and you won with blackjack, you would only receive $24. A table that has a 6:5 payout has an increased the house edge by 1.4 % as well.
  3. Do not be afraid to learn card counting. Popular myth says that you have to possess a high intellect in order to successfully card count. This is not true. Any person of average intellect can learn card counting. It does require, however, practice and patience with yourself. This is because it is a skill that must be honed. Also, the majority of casinos are on the lookout for card counters, which is why you must practice-you certainly would not want to get caught.
  4. Be patient with yourself when you first begin playing. Everyone makes mistakes. As a beginner you are most certainly going to do so. It takes time to perfect your blackjack strategy. Practice basic strategy at an online casino that offers a play-for-free option. In this way you can practice your skill at basic strategy without the pressure of sitting at a table with other experienced players.
  5. If you are just beginning to play or do not have a lot to bet with, play at the low stakes table. For beginners this will allow for you to play hands-on without losing too much. And if you did not wish bring a fair amount of money to the casino, play at a low stakes table. Do not think you will win a few hands and increase your the amount you have to play with. It is easy to gamble away the $200 you brought with you.
  6. If you find yourself sitting in the third base chair, or the seat on the dealer’s right, do not believe that you are influencing what happens to the dealer no matter what anyone else says at the table. Think about it for a moment from the casino’s point of view. The dealer represents the casino; you could think of it as you are playing against the casino. They want to win so that your money will go to them. If it were true that the third base chair could alter the odds on how the dealer’s hand played out, then the casino would do something to protect their edge. Other players could say that seat takes cards that could cause the dealer to lose. But you can turn that back on the other players since if they hit they are also taking cards that the dealer could have possibly wound up with.
  7. Other players will probably try to give you advice on how to play, especially if you are playing in a face-up game. You should always stick with basic strategy when choosing how to play. The advice they offer may not be useful advice, or say the opposite of what basic strategy dictates. They also may be giving you false advice in hopes that you will bust since as you bust. If you find yourself stuck on how to play a hand refer to your basic strategy chart.
  8. Be aware of the rules at the table before joining a table, be it online or at a land-based casino. Do not try to surrender at a table that does not allow it. It will hold up play, cause you frustration and some embarrassment. If you become frustrated or flustered it can effect your playing because it will take your focus off the game and put it on yourself. It is also show a certain disregard for your fellow players.
  9. Do not get drunk at the table. It will effect how well you play. Being drunk at the table will also be disrespectful to your fellow players. You would not be in complete control of yourself, causing you to choose the wrong way to play and losing your money. It’s also possible that you could knock your glass over, spilling your drink on the table and other guests. In that instance you will most certainly hold up play while everything is cleaned up. Getting drunk, bottom line, is a bad idea. If you feel you are might be drinking too much, either walk away from the tables for the night or stop ordering drinks.
  10. Always be mindful of what is happening at the table. If you are not paying attention you could miss something, like perhaps the dealer slipping and accidentally revealing their down card; or that you left the chips you just won in your betting circle, the next hand is dealt and your now have a rather large bet on the line. When playing you want to be focused on the game so that you can maximize your blackjack strategy and chances of winning.

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